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Divorce and the breaking up of a family is a difficult and stressful time.  We understand that each family, each person, and each situation is different.  By putting together a vast array of knowledge and experience, Precision Mediation & Civil Services can help work towards a resolution to your family issues.


Precision Mediation & Civil Services can assist you in coming to a mutual agreement on many difficult family matters including:

Discernment Mediation

Does your relationship seem to be on shaky ground?  Does one of you want to stay in the marriage, sometimes called the one “leaning in,” or are you feeling like it may be time to start considering a divorce, sometimes called the one “leaning out”?  Discernment mediation is not couples therapy but instead is a form of mediation to help you and your partner decide whether to do one of three things, 1)keep things the way they are, neither divorce or work things out; 2) decide that a divorce is the best for both parties, and a mediated divorce can help work things out in a more calm and rational manner without lawyers and several visits to court; 3) or decide, as a couple, to go to couples therapy for 6 months (with divorce being off the table for those 6 months) and after the 6 months revisit each other’s feelings about the relationship.  Discernment mediation helps each partner focus on what may have gone wrong in the relationship and what their role may have been that may have been a part of the relationship going off track.  Discernment mediation is not a place to blame the other person for the mistakes.  Though both parties come to session together the majority of the process is done individually with a mediator in order to focus on what is bothering each person about the relationship, whether they feel there is still a chance to reconcile, and what can be done to make the relationship better if that is the option they choose.

Prenuptial Agreement

With many marriages ending in divorce as well as people waiting longer to marry, each party can enter into the relationship with an established career and several assets of their own.  This can lead to apprehension to marry due to worry that a future divorce may leave them losing half of what their hard had been earning them.  A prenuptial agreement is a great tool for situations such as this where individuals would like to provide themselves some protection from loss due to a divorce.  Just like a marriage is a contract between the parties marrying so too is a prenuptial agreement to allow each party to keep what they have earned in the case of a failed marriage.  In community property states like Texas, where everything acquired during the marriage is split 50/50, a prenuptial agreement can be a handy tool.

Marriage Settlement/Postnuptial Agreement (Temporary Orders)

Sometimes divorce in inevitable.  But, you may not be able to wait for your divorce to be finalized to need orders, such as for child visitation or support, approved and signed off by a judge.  In a case such as this a marital settlement agreement, or postnuptial agreement (because it is made while the parties are married but before finalization of their divorce), can help set stipulations and protect assets that you may be worried about.  A marital settlement agreement is a contractual agreement between the parties in a marriage setting the rules for how certain aspects of the relationship will continue from then on until the divorce has been finalized.

Divorce Decree

We can assist you with all aspects of the divorce, such as the original petition to start the process, drafting a marriage settlement agreement, and then drafting the divorce decree to be signed by the judge.  We will even prepare you for what to say when in front of the judge.  Or we can assist you with any part of the process you may need help with if you feel like completing some of the processes yourself.  For example, you may want to complete and file the original petition, mediate with us toward an agreement and draft of a marriage settlement agreement, and then take that agreement to a lawyer to have them draft your final decree.  The choice is yours but keep in mind that we are here to help you with any and every step of the way if you so choose.  Precision Mediation & Civil Services also provides the serving of legal documents (for an additional charge) to the other party allowing us to keep all processes in house for more efficient service and convenience for you.

Parenting Plans

If you are not married but have children and would like to set up set rules for custody and visitation than a parenting plan will be for you (this process is included in the divorce service for those with children).  Through the creation of a parenting plan, both parties can work together to plan custody schedules, visitation for such occasions as holidays, birthdays and the summer when school is out, and a request for child support if one is not in place already.

Parent-Child Relationship Modifications (Modifications to custody, visitation and/or support)

If a plan is already in place for custody, visitation and/or support but you would like to make an addendum, or update, to the current plan this is possible through mediation as well.

Post-divorce Amendments

Need to make changes to you final decree of divorce?  We can help with that too.

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